‘Ro-Ro services will enhance connectivity between South Mumbai and the Panvel-Alibaug region’: Niranjan Hiranandani

MUMBAI, 20thAPRIL, 2016: Planning for infrastructure growth and development on part of the state government is good, but implementing the planned projects is even better, said Niranjan Hiranandani, MD, Hiranandani Communities. He was reacting to the announcement by the Mumbai Port Trust, on awarding the work order for the Ro-Ro (Roll On& Roll Off) water transport services terminal at Ferry Wharf in South Mumbai. This announcement dove-tails with a similar announcement about a Ro-Ro terminal at Mandwa, near Alibaug. A similar terminal is planned at Nerul, in Navi Mumbai.

Among infrastructure projects that have the potential to enhance quality of life in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, especially the Panvel – Alibaug region, the announcement about awarding the work order on ferry terminals for Ro-Ro services at Ferry Wharf in South Mumbai and at Manwda near Alibaug are among the most positive ones, he said.- Repetative

Across Mumbai and Maharashtra, real estate growth is driven by infrastructure development, and the Ro-Ro services will provide a welcome linkage and saving of time for vehicles in South Mumbai bound for Navi Mumbai and beyond through Nerul and through Madwa near Alibaug, to Goa and the Konkan region, he added. “It will save fuel for Goa and Konkan-bound road vehicles, reduce pollution as also save time. This will be a win-win for not just road traffic from Mumbai to Goa and the Konkan region, but also enhance connectivity and create positives for the Panvel – Alibaug region. Once vehicles start using Ro-Ro services, there will be more road space on Mumbai’s eastern corridor,” he said.

Real estate growth in Mumbai and the MMR has traditionally been driven by infrastructure development; and real estate in this region should make significant gains as a result of the major infrastructure projects for which clearances or granting of pending permissions have been announced. The Mumbai Port Trust has awarded the work order for the Ro-Ro water transport services terminal at Ferry Wharf, while a similar development is underway at Mandwa in Alibaug by the Maharashtra Maritime Board. “The Ro-Ro services from Ferry Wharf to Mandwa will result in saving a drive of about 110 kms from the existing road link, plus the Ro-Ro service is expected to take just 20 minutes to ferry vehicles from one end to another, and we look forward to its inauguration, which is estimated to happen by 2018,” he concluded.

Niranjan Hiranandani is Founder & MD, Hiranandani Group. His recent initiative is Hiranandani Communities. He is the Founder and First President (West), National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), which works under the aegis of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India.


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